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We have been actively reaching out, not only in our community but also worldwide! Making new connections in the United States, Europe and Asia! We hope to have our products in every country that airsoft is allowed. We’ve had a lot of interest in countries like the Netherlands, Ireland, Japan and Germany. As well as in the United States, we’ve been able to reach out to retailers from California all the way to New York!


We’ve received so much positive feedback from our fans and customers, so many teams willing to help us promote our products out of the kindness of their hearts! We love giving back to the community and we love growing alongside our supporters! Feel free to apply for a sponsorship, big or small, we love to work with those who admire our products!

Design and Engineering

We are a manufacturer who puts functionality and beauty at the top of our priority list! Our talented designers with bright ideas, coupled with the knowledge and skill of our engineers allows two unique worlds to collide! We’re not just another airsoft manufacturer, we’re here to create iconic products that everyone can recognize as our own!

Quality is Our Game!

Developing high quality products at a reasonable price is our only strategy! We don’t think you need to break your wallet to enjoy the sport of airsoft to the fullest! We use high quality materials and precision machining to create our products at the standard, a fast paced, action sport requires!

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The K Tech Team

Andrew Taraba

Marketing Director

Responsible for the aggressive expansion and growth of the company as well as product awareness. Creating relationships within the industry has been a huge help with the upbringing of the company!

David Rice

Product Development

Oversees the development process of new products and ensures that the technical aspects are satisfied! With advanced engineering knowledge as well as hands on craftsmanship, we can easily bring products from inception to reality.

Aaron Aguila

Sales Manager

In charge of day to day sales and customer management, able to work face to face with our clients and put a smile on their face! Building face to face relationships with our sponsored teams and best customers is an important factor to our business model that we never want to lose!

John Michael

Sponsorship Manager

He knows what to look for when seeking teams, players and video makers! Managing all our sponsored team’s needs and making sure our products are being promoted on a daily basis! There’s no time to rest with tons of sponsorship requests coming in every day!

Our Partners