Ever since we created an epic custom engraved, custom shape lens protector for our sponsored team “Slender Airsoft,” people have been asking us nonstop if we were going to release these as an official product! Below is a picture of our laser engraving machine. (LaserPro)

laser engraver

We have been experimenting with different types of Plexiglas for our amplifier display cases and discovered some very durable materials, much too durable for an amplifier display case, but perfect for some sort of protective device. Originally we had plans to release a custom holographic sight but at the moment the optics, lights, electronics, etc are out of our area of expertise.

ktech lens protector 1

Above is the proof concept of a potential mass production unit. We are actively seeking critiques and opinions that will help us create a better product.

k tech lens protector 2b

This is the custom lens protector we made for Slender Airsoft, featuring their custom logo engraved into the custom shape that they requested along with the color. We can do pretty much any color and if you want to test out one of our custom lens protectors with your team’s logo engraved into it feel free to contact us!