What started out as a boring afternoon messing with aluminum machinery, ended up becoming a great opportunity for us. The K Tech Airsoft Mock Suppressor (Chrome Silencer) was the very first product we introduced to the market. Although the amplifier prototype was also created at this time, we did not possess the necessary machinery to produce amplifiers.

Chrome Silencer 1

Above is the commercial version of our silencer (left) along with the first ever mini concept prototype (right). The first 8 silencers we produced were made with chrome plated pipe we found in a scrap bin, however the newer models were pure aluminum. All the silencers were hand made with our own machines, as well as packaged and shrink wrapped in house. Everything had this homemade feel to it and really gave off this presence of a true start up creating products in our garage.

chrome silencer 4

Why was releasing a chrome silencer as our first product crucial to our introduction to the market? For a number of reasons, mainly because it set our products aside from the competition. Some people loved it while others were appalled by it. Nonetheless, these silencers served as giant advertisement for us from anyone who used it on their airsoft guns. Not only that, but in some cases, (silver or dual-tone guns) it really did look amazing! (Another reason that these silencers were chrome was simply because we didn’t have the resources at the time to produce any other color.)

Silencer on P90

Ultimately these were discontinued for a number of reasons. A lot of airsofters had interests in filling suppressors with foam in order to give a silencing effect to their gun. Being a solid piece of aluminum, there was no way to do this with our product. We also realized that an overwhelming amount of customers wanted more tactical colors like black or tan. These issues were resolved when we introduced our amplifiers.

silencer ad 2 - small - Copy

In retrospect, these silencers were a necessary step from being virtually unknown, to having an extremely strong presence at every airsoft field/shop we visited. The experience we gained along with the funding we raised propelled us into the next phase of our company.