The new silencers have officially launched and they have been very well received!

K Tech Silencers


These silencers have actually been in the works since the early days of K Tech, we will go more into detail on these on our “concept” post later on. But long story short, we ended up scrapping the idea for about 2 years while we worked on the amplifiers.

Now it is 2016, and the silencers are finally released! We have received great feedback from our sponsored teams (who beta tested pre-launch models) and finally, our first customers will get their hands on them!

Basic Info

Silencers 3


One of the most notable features about these silencers are the colored rings and the compatible threading. These two simple features alone set our silencer out from the crowd!

  • 14mm Negative Threading (CCW)
  • 1.25 inch diameter
  • ~6.25 Inches in length when fully assembled
  • Removable end caps for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Anodized finish

Compatible Threading

This basically means that the threading from the silencer body and the threading from the end caps are the same which means two things.

  1. Two K Tech Silencers can be combined to create an extra long silencer.
  2. The K Tech Silencer body can be removed and the end caps can be used as a “mini” silencer.

The length on the mini silencer is approximately 1.75 inches long. Suitable for pistols and even on some rifle builds, the mini silencer really changes the whole look of the gun!

A photo posted by @teamgearsairsoft on


Regarding actual “silencing” capabilities of this product, it should be noted that these do not come with any kind of foam inserts, they are completely hollow inside.

Purchase Links

K Tech Silencers can be purchased on the official K Tech Ebay page here.

K Tech Silencer Black Blue

K Tech Silencer Black with Blue ring:

K Tech Silencer Black Red

K Tech Silencer Black with Red ring:

K Tech Silencer Black Silver

K Tech Silencer Black with Silver ring:

K Tech Silencer Black Black

K Tech Silencer Straight Black:

New color options may be added in the future! Keep posted!

Another Product For the K Tech Collection

Silencers 10

Those who have enjoyed our amplifiers should enjoy some familiarity with these silencers. The color options are staple for K Tech products. The diameter of the silencer and the amplifier are similar. We make sure our products have a particular look to them that sets them apart from the crowd!

Thank you for the support!