Silencers 1

The other week we made a huge announcement on our new product, the “modular” mock silencer! People went crazy over these things! The simple and elegant color scheme, the customization options, everything about this silencer seemed to get a lot of people pumped!

Silencers 2

However, did you know that this silencer was actually one of our original product designs that we had in mind since the beginning of K Tech?

K Tech Modular Silencer Plain - Copy

This is the original mockup render we made one boring afternoon. The concept was novel, but none of us were truly too excited about it at first. The size of this original design was actually supposed to be exactly the same as the original “Silent Hustler” we had released when K Tech first launched, a.k.a. our first product ever.

Silencer compairosn
Original silencer (left) and the new K Tech modular silencer (right)

Come 2016, the design was completely revised to be more “standardized” with other general silencer sizes. We also added the idea of a colored ring to give these silencers a bit of personality! Seriously, the ability to choose a product with a personalized color was what made the amplifiers so popular, we needed to transition that same philosophy over to the silencers to really make it a K Tech product!

K Tech Modular Silencer (With Color Band) - Copy

Here’s another mockup we created after having the idea of the colorful ring. Now unfortunately, after seeing them in person, the black on silver dual tone idea just didn’t look right. So for the final release of this product we stuck with only pure black or pure silver. It just looked a lot cleaner that way!

When we launched these silencers we had red, blue, and silver as the color accent colors. (and black for silver silencers.) And the base body color came in either silver or black. These seemed to be the staple colors for the amplifiers, so we wanted to make sure we produced a good product with colors that appealed to everyone.

Some people have asked us why we didn’t release the silencers with gold, purple, green, orange, pink, etc… And the answer to this question goes back to logistics. Retailers have been a huge help to propelling our company forward! We realized this early on, however, having too many color options actually limits many retailers ability to choose the color that will sell well in their region, and also leads many retailers to “sampling” instead of making full blown orders.

Silencers 10

Basically, instead of ordering a bunch of our product, they often would order only a few of every single color choice, and they felt overwhelmed. When we cut down the amplifier color selection from over 10 different colors and styles to the now, 4 standard colors + limited edition colors, retailers were able to make bulk orders comfortably. Our relationship with retailers is important especially when introducing a new product to the market so we have to make sure we don’t overwhelm retailers with too many choices!

Q. Will we release new silencer colors in the future?

A. We actually have been experimenting with different color options. Of course, not everything we have experimented with has been “mass production” worthy, but we hope to be able to release new color options in the future. Some airsoft teams have green, or purple, as their team color, so we hope we can allow everyone to feel that their silencer is truly their own personalized product!