We have been working on amplifiers for several years now, many different designs, colors, and experiments have been conducted. We have not released anything new from our public lineup of amplifiers (pictured below), but we have made many different prototypes and experimental amplifiers, both recently and in the past.

Years of Perfection!

K Tech Different Amp Colors

It has taken us years, lots of research, and sales data, before we were able to fully finalize our mainstream amplifier lineup. Matte Black, Matte Blue, Matte Red, Matte Gold, and Silver, are the standard K Tech amplifiers that we will likely be producing for many more years to come! But it didn’t start our this way, we’ve experimented with many different colors, from green, to cyan, to different types of sand blasting and polished finishes.

The Mega Amp

This is the largest diameter amplifier prototype we have created. Funny enough, this actually isn’t the loudest amplifier we’ve made. We’ll post another video of our loudest amp. The Mega amp is huge, and you can use it as a stand to support some guns! It’s intimidating, and this amp certainly gets the most attention at all our booths and events!

Why Prototype Now?

A lot of our prototypes have been built even before K Tech was started. Having established so many relationships with many different teams, retailers and fields, we feel we can finally start shedding some lights on these prototypes in a way that might actually bring forth some productive insight. In the past we had shown off some prototypes at fields and events, but lacking those strong relationships we have now, it was very unlikely that we would have launched a new product line anytime soon.

So in the past, those prototype displays were merely decorations for our awesome even booths! It seems now that our prototypes are becoming more instrumental for new product consideration.

Will This Be A New Product?

Possibly, but unlikely anytime soon. Releasing a giant amp is just cool! This could probably fair well as a limited edition, but we do not yet know if this will be a serious contender for a new product. In order for a item to qualify as a viable new product, we need to be able to get many retailers on board with it, as well as have a feasible production lineup ready to go. We do not have this yet for the mega amp, though we did shot it off in the above video at Airsoft Gi, they were very impressed!

We have other things in mind for our new products. Some new products should be launching this year, however don’t discount the mega amp as a possible product, we may bring it to mass production one day!